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The Being Of EnLifement

The Evolution Beyond 'Enlightenment'

Over the years, in a state of awakening and of unfolding
insight, Ishvara has seen humanity's need for an example of what it can be. He is a
way-shower who can exemplify what
is possible when one transcends the normal conditional mindset with its beliefs and rigid thinking of the past. This possibility can become a growing actuality when one allows that there is more to humanity's ability to live in this world than what has been believed.


A New Consciousness is evolving on Earth. This evolution brings with it the development of the new human in all of us – if we allow it. The evolution is happening in our midst, although undetected by the conditional mindset.

Ishvara is here to exemplify this
change, and to teach others how to perceive and embody it. EnLifement is about the evolution which is taking place right in front of all of us and there is no stopping place for this awareness.

‘Enlightenment’ is the light on a particular step. It has nothing to do with the evolutionary ever-unfolding

possibilities of the human race.

Ishvara is EnLifement: an embodiment of Life eternally becoming and evolving, shattering every principle, every system, every structure.


To be in EnLifement you must keep evolving. If you want to be 'enlightened,' that's fine. So much of what’s out there is about 'enlightenment.' And it is stagnant
and dead.  It is all about the past.


EnLifement is an empowering, all-inclusive awakening process that is totally unrestricted, without boundary. EnLifement is the path of discovering your uniqueness, potential and purpose as you evolve into an ever more efficient receptacle of the Cosmos .                  .




We are pleased to be able to share the special, energetic Space and great Love that is Ishvara in a live webcast format. This is also an opportunity to ask Ishvara questions that may be on your mind. Feel free to join us for Sunday Inspired Talks on Livestream.com

Livestream Sunday's 11am MDT

Ishvara feels the need to move language

in a direction that can redefine "spiritual teacher" as one who is teaching Life, one
who is teaching from the direct experience

of Life, not through system, belief,

concept, lineage or tradition.

You can experience a deeper connection
with Ishvara's presence  through an emailed weekly message transcribed from Ishvara's Inspired Talks and written by Terry Grant, a published author, who has been closely connected with Ishvara for many years.


The Alaya organization and friends from around the world embrace the knowing that you are experiencing and evolving as the physical manifestation of the universe in human form. To be aware of this is to know that you are unfolding the universe of possibilities through each direct experience that you have. In this sense, it is all about you, but this "you" is not limited by the boundaries of your skin, for you are the intelligence and the connection. You are the universe. You are happening. You are energy. You are the physical body and you are cosmic love, constantly unfolding in every direction in these limitless expressions, possibilities and happenings called Life.

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Alaya is a non-profit 501(c)(3) spiritual organization. You donations are tax deductible in accordance to applicable tax laws.

The Enlifement Store


Ishvara presents an altered space that can transform neural pathways to a higher frequency or state-of-being.

To assist you in connecting deeply, these cellular meditations are most effective when listened to
without interruption in a quiet space with eyes closed.  Journey Well!

The Journey Begins

The Energy Centers

Digitally recorded live in 2003 at Alaya House, this is the second audio CD of what Ishvara calls Cellular Meditations.  In this 52 minute meditation, Ishvara speaks of energies as centers in order to describe certain functionality and to access certain possibilities. Individual descriptions of these energy centers are provided without any intent to divide or separate. Rather, they are provided to guide and assist you in bringing about a deeper awareness, a greater connection, an intense expansion of The Consciousness that you are.

Sample Tracks

Digitally recorded live in 2002 at Alaya House, this is the first audio CD of what Ishvara calls Cellular Meditations.  This 56 minute meditation is an exploratory journey, delivering packets of sound and communication that bypass the intellect and speak to the core of one's being. This meditation presents an altered space that can transform neural pathways to a higher frequency or state-of-being. You are invited to let go of all concepts, beliefs, systems and structures and dissolve into your True Nature as unique
expression n of the One Real Self that is all of Life.


Sample Tracks

Skype with Ishvara

The "You're It" Book

A Skype chat with Ishvara is a rare opportunity.  Ishvara is a clear mirror, enabling you to see yourself as you really are. This awareness empowers you to move beyond conditions and beliefs of the past, to embrace Life with its ever-evolving possibilities, and to take each next step as it unfolds.  To arrange a Skype session with Ishvara, contact  Leela Sarada, EnLifement Administrator. Call (505) 294-4911 or use the contact us form below.

This booklet of Ishvara's Teachings was lovingly produced by students of Ishvara, in deep gratitude for his unconditional love, wisdom, and unlimited beingness as the living example of The New Consciousness. This special limited edition is spiral bound with a

foil-stamped, diecut and embossed cover.  There are only about 30 units left of this special booklet produced in 1998.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to bring the awareness of higher knowing of the flow of existence to the consciousness
of the human family, and to support the physical manifestation of the emerging New Human
as the evolving Expression of the One True Self that is all of Life.

About Alaya

Alaya is a non profit spiritual organization dedicated to presenting you the One Self that is all of Life,
a higher knowing of Cosmic Order, as brought forth by the Living Example, Ishvara.

Since 1990 Alaya has been the framework for supporting, presenting and archiving the

ongoing transformative life of Ishvara and his teachings, which are based in what
Ishvara calls "feeling-knowing" rather than thinking.

In 2008
EnLifement.org was established as a supportive web site for those who are
drawn to courageously journey into what Ishvara calls
The New Consciousness.

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